Barrus* – the “elephant” in the pine forests of Võru County

*Barrus (noun) – elephant. Origin: Latin

Barrus is a timber company located in Verijärve, amid the forests of south-eastern Estonia. The self-confidence and work ethic associated with this noble beast have made us the European market leaders.

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Barrus* – the “elephant” in the pine forests of Võru County
Creating value together

With the team of 350 in Barrus we produce and manufacture more than 115,000 m3 of premium quality fingerjointed and laminated pine components and boards for the market leaders in Scandinavian window and door industry. Our commitment to quality ensures that our glulam products can withstand even the harshest of northern climes.

Environmentally sound & sustainable

We strive to gain maximum yield out of every cubical meter of a pinetree and make sure nothing goes to waste. With the help of the wood granule and paper industry, our production residuals are turned into valuable products for every household – pellets, packaging, books and hygiene products. Our rawmaterial is sourced only from the sustainably managed and harvested forests.

What we do

  • We put our customers’ needs first
  • Wide range of products and flexible logistics
  • We produce 115,000 m3 of high-quality carpenter-grade glulam each year
  • Barrus products meet PEFC© certification. FSC®-certified products available on request.
FSC certificate
PEFC certificate
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How is glulam made?


Timber: the journey from forest to frame

Contact us

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+372 785 0700

AS Barrus
Verijärve, Võru municipality,
Võru County 65541

Contact details

Morten Glinvad
Sales Director / Member of the Board
Kristjan Jurss
Head of Sales Department
Mirko Aia
Sales Manager (Baltics, UK, CET)
Allan Færk Laustsen
SALES MANAGER (Scandinavia)
Virge Vahtrik
Account manager
Lilyjan Viitak
Account Manager
Tea Puurits
Sales assistant
Elina Kulaga
Sales assistant
Janar Tatomir
Sales and Purchase Manager
Riina Sokk
Anna-Liisa Mander
Lauri Junkin
Log Purchasing
Kristjan Kund
Andres Linnasaar
Member of the Board
Martti Kork
Member of the Board
Taavi Tenno
Component Production Manager
Martin Pekk
Sawmill Production Manager
Üllar Rohtla
Maintenance Manager
Marje Kuklase
Chief Accountant
Vaido Otsar
Eva Ilves
Work environment specialist
Signe Ploom
HR Specialist
Katrin Sõritsa
HR Partner
Helin Vuks