We lead the way and take care of our own

In Barrus, we value the Nordic work culture highly and contribute daily to the community of Võru County.

A stable employer

Barrus has grown big and strong like an elephant and is proudly committed to its people and to Võru County – for everyone’s sense of security and the development of the local area.

As the forest grows, the local people, families and homes also grow together with Barrus.

The Nordic work culture

We conduct our activities as diligent, close-knit and loyalty-minded team players.

High quality and quick work

We keep our promises and delivery times and uphold our quality requirements. The resulting reliability is one of our fundamental principles and values.

Green operation

We use 100% of the processed material and recycle packaging material and consumables as much as possible. We want to leave well-managed and prudently optimised forests and environment to the future generations.

We build the community in Võru County

We listen, contribute, care and involve in order to ensure the development of the local people, life and environment. We offer a future, a sense of security, meaningful work and the opportunity to contribute to the local area in a long-term and tangible manner.


We are sports lovers, enthusiastic supporters and spectators, amateur athletes and otherwise more-than-average sporty.


We contribute to the education and development of colleagues’ children by monthly support for hobby groups and training.

Large families

We help those in need of extra aid within our means, whether it’s large families, NGOs or just good ideas.

Join the united team of Barrus

In a quarter of a century, Barrus has developed into the largest employer in the region and moves mountains in every sense by contributing to the local community, promoting the local economy with its unique production and protecting the balance of the local natural environment.

AS Barrus

+372 785 0700
Verijärve, Võru parish,
Võru County 65541

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